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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Mixed Views

'Studio View' - 8"x6" mixed Media - ©Anita Davies

I'm dabbling with landscapes a little again this year.

For some reason recently I am feeling drawn to landscapes, a subject that has never really inspired me much before...Oh I love them, looking at them, living in a beautiful location myself of course I appreciate them...But, whenever I used to think of painting them, they all seemed so green, brown and blue in my interpretation, they lacked atmosphere and depth...So, I did what any decent artist would...I avoided them!

Then I started keeping a journal/sketchbook and began sketching and painting everywhere I went.

Since then I have expanded my mind somewhat and find myself enjoying the landscapes I sketch. I even took to painting plein air a little last year with acrylics...Which I loved!

Clarice House
Ely Palace
My Garden

...and a mixed media piece:
Barnsdale Gardens

I've decided this project will be my 'toy' for 2009.

As usual, with anything new, I seem to start a little 'tight' but I have alot of experimenting to do and plan to have fun. This is a project for me to truly play with, enjoy, mess up and learn from. Mostly I am hoping it will allow my creativity to unfold.

I'll be working fast, mostly on location 'plein air' (fingers crossed) the speed will hopefully prevent me from fiddling and becoming too precious...I believe my creativity flows easier working this way before the voice of 'Miss bossyboots' has a chance to get in the way and complain. Big brushes and experimental techniques will hopefully scare her enough to remain silent.

I also hope to make studies in my sketchbook that I later 'work up' or 'play with' in the studio...I have never created a painting from a sketch I have made before....I think it may be time.

Views of all sorts will become subjects, landscapes, seascapes, buildings, rivers.....a real mix!

This is one of the reasons I'll be calling the project 'Mixed Views', the other reason being that I will be dabbling with a variety of media and even mixing them up a little like I have here.


Cecelia said...

Nice sky! It reminds me of one a couple of weeks ago when we went out to paint the sunrise at a plein aire workshop. The clouds turned into an amazing radiating pattern, ahead of a cold front. I'm going to put the photo on my blog.
Look at Virginia Vaughan's website and blog. She did a series of 365 paintings documenting her last year on their family farm, and has a book about it with paintings and field notes. and . She is quite inspiring and a great teacher.

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Cecelia, for both the kind comment and the links ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW Anita! I think this is a great begining to a great project! It's funny, I've just begun working on skies myself. As always you are an inspriation! deni may.....;)

Sandy Maudlin said...

Your journey is inspiring and I love how you share your thoughts and ideas as well as your beautiful work. Landscapes were always hard for me so one year they became my challenge/goal too. They are easier now, at least. Looking forward to your new paintings, esp the ones you work up from your sketches.

seesue said...

You're WOWing me Anita. Yes, the landscape and the sky but oh man, the fact that you make a plan AND FOLLOW THROUGH on it just slays me.

Margaret Ann said...

OOOOh Oh OH! I am just about to head off to sleep, but thought I'd check in real quick with your blog...and this beautiful image flashed before me on my screen and took my breath away...WOW! That sky is so rich and powerful. Real depth and character here...Love!
And what a telling theme for your studies..."mixed views"...can't wait to see more. Glad you are giving Miss Bossy Boots the big "Brush Off"! LOL...nighty night! :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I thought I would crack up when I read that"Miss Bossyboots" nags you. She also kicks me around quite regularly.

Can't wait to see your landscapes. I like the light in this one.

caseytoussaint said...

You seem to have a natural feel for the open spaces - this is lovely!

Nina Johansson said...

Beautiful landscape, you really caught the light here. I love the somewhat muted colours too. Excellent.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

So, so pleased to read this post Anita. ... for many reasons. Mainly your plans to develop landscape, then to be reminded by the links of our days painting outside together. I think Casey hit the nail on the head, you live inside a painting of eternal landscape, it must be in your blood, and now throughout the year we will see what you bring out from the deep place within with all those experiments you plan. Such fun to branch out from ones comfort zone but I just know the results are going to be uniquely 'ArtbyAnita'.

Terri Kahrs said...

Hi, Anita,
This landscape is so beautiful and ethereal! I'm so happy to have found your beautiful, creative blog.

Cathy Mendola from Reflections of a Ramblin' Girl awarded me with a Kreativ Blogger Award. In the spirit of this award, it's to be passed on to 8 more creative bloggers in the spirit of friendship. I can't think of anyone who is more deserving. Please stop by my blog to copy the picture and the text that came with it. Then choose 8 more deserving people.
Terri :)

Marie-Dom said...

Fantastic landscape Anita. Gorgeous sky!

Anetka said...

Good Luck with your new project Anita. Hope you will have lots of fun:))
I love mixed media paintings so I will be keeping my eye on your posts:)

Anonymous said...

Great work, as usual....
I'm currently reading a book called "the Artist's Way A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity", which talks about 'Miss bossyboots', or in my case "Mr. Stubborn A--"

Ana Tirolese said...

I am so impressed with your work and your blog. Wow.

Very nice work. Your landscape is beautiful.

Beth Baxter said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this series.

Gemma Mortlock said...

Wow this is pretty. The sky is so dramatic, it makes you feel like you are there. I think you're really good at landscape painting already without even realising it!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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