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Monday, April 07, 2008

Clarice House Plein Air

4 April 2008 - Clarice House Grounds

Before I left for my trip I primed a couple of 10x12" canvas boards because I had noticed, when painting in the garden with Joannie, that they have a slight texture and worked better with a little base paint.

The one I decided to use while plein air painting in the grounds at Clarice was primed in bright yellow acrylic.

Here you can see the yellow base layer and my beginnings of a sky line.

I'm afraid I became lost to the universe over the next 40 minutes or so and totally forgot to take work in progress photos. Here is my painting near the final stages, just a few touches to add before reaching the finished image shown at the top of this posting.
This is just my second attempt at plein air painting with acrylic and I'm hooked, it feels so great to be in the middle of nature with my easel and paints.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Cant believe you achieved this in an hour. Glad you thought to put on a base coat on those boards before you left home - must have made all the difference. Knowing me I would have to check myself from 'working it up' but your are right to see it as a finished piece in all its subtle charm. Cant wait to work outdoors again side by side. Roll on summertime.

Lisalou said...

You just amaze me! Your versatility AND volume are mind bloggling!
Happy birthday!

SCquiltaddict said...

Beautiful job!!! BRAVO

Margaret Ann said...

I think that fresh air makes paint look better! Hee hee! There's nothing like "plein air"...whether it be painting or sketching or eating at an ourdoor cafe!! :)

Robyn said...

Wonderful underpainting colour, Anita, it must have been amazing to lay paint on. I love the beautiful texture and colour of this, particularly those shrubs on the right.

clare said...

Third try at a comment! Wow awesome 'plein air'! And your life paintings are awesomer!! I know that'a not a word, but should be. I can see your'e having fun, I hope I can have a day like that at least once this year.

Anita Davies said...

No...It's finished Joannie.

Thanks Lisa & Margaret.

Margaret Ann...I couldn't agree more...roll on the good weather!

Thanks Robyn. I wasn't sure what colour to use as a primer so I just chucked something sunny on. I'm glad I did, I think it worked well and, yes, it was lovely to work on!

Sorry you had trouble posting Clare and thank you for persisting.
I think 'awesomer' is a great word!
I hope you get a day like this, it was most therapeutic.