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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Clarice House Sketches

My day at Clarice House in Bury St. Edmunds was just as I imagined...full of art!
On my arrival I visited the bar for a latte and stayed there for lunch, sketching as I ate.

I then checked into my room, grabbed my easel and chair, a canvas board and my acrylics and went plein air painting for an hour on Clarice grounds...It was wonderful!!!
I'll upload the painting in my next post.

On returning to the comforts inside Clarice, I took a latte by the window and sketched the herb garden wall outside.

Herb Garden Wall
After a nice session in the steam room and whirlpool, I made a quick sketch of the curtain fabric design back in my room before dinner.

Bedroom Fabric Design
I took my sketchbook to dinner with me - It's an A4 Venezia that I keep just for 'house' sketches; national trust, stately homes and historical buildings - So, it's rather large but I love it.

I made a sketch of the table flowers and the delicious dessert that I just knew you'd all want to see!

Luxor Room
Back in my room, I decided to relax on the bed and sketch the desk that supported the Birthday cards I'd opened early so I could enjoy them before dashing off first thing in the morning.
I crashed shortly after ...probably the earliest night I've had in years, just after midnight.

Breakfast menu
I am not a morning person. I am not a breakfast person.
However, I sat down for breakfast at approx. 7.20am and tried to eat something, not knowing when I would next get chance. Destination Sudbury, Gainsborough's House for a 6 hour life session.
Worth the agony?...You betcha'!


Irene said...

Love it! It's fun to go on a trip with you! This is my favorite kind of blog.

SCquiltaddict said...

wonderful stuff...think the herb garden wall is my fav

Lorraine Evans said...

what a fun day and oh my what a wonderful treat happy b day

Margaret Ann said...

What a wonderful art retreat! Your paintings are lovely and are the perfect keepsake of a perfect celebratory getaway...thanks for sharing...and that dessert!!?? Good Grief...Yum! :)

seesue said...

This number of delightful sketches must mean that you enjoyed a wonderfully relaxed b'day getaway. Congratulations!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Took me right back to our weekend at Clarice House. Well done, you didnt seem to lose any opportunity to get that active brain and hand working with such charming, interesting results. Like being with you . Loved seeing my birthday card to you painted into posterity.

Anonymous said...

What a great day, and a charming set of sketches for sure. I like to travel and sketch by myself sometimes too; it's a good way to be prolific!

Anonymous said...

Great sketches anita..with the herb garden one being my favourite!

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Irene!

Thanks Margaret, that was my quickest sketch...strange how it's often the most atmospheric isn't it?

Thanks Lorraine!

Thanks Margaret...Oh and the dessert was to die for, Birthday or not! LOL!

Thanks Seesue! I sure did!

Thanks Joan, yes, had to include the card. :)

I agree Martha, I get much more done alone. Thank you!

Thanks Ronell!