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Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm Back

Harry - 15 minute pose, from life - watercolour in journal.

Back home with my boys, feeling exhausted from my busy weekend but...Oh, what a weekend!

Great to be home though.
The boys had decorated the whole drove and the house with balloons and banners for my return, making me feel very missed and loved. I finished my Chinese meal with the family some time ago and had cuddles from Harry for dessert - Perfect!
Jake smothered a perfectly good chocolate cake in candles and almost set the fire alarms off. Rising to the challenge, I cut through them all in just one blow...Still steam in the old girl yet! LOL!

I managed to do everything I planned while away so I have heaps to scan and photograph. Not tonight though, tonight I rest my bones, sip on my sparkly and enjoy the part of my life I couldn't possibly live without - My Family.

*I'd like to thank everyone for their Birthday wishes and I just found this beautiful post from Margaret...Thank you so much Margaret!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your weekend was a success and that your homecoming was lovely as well....makes having a b'day not such a bad deal, huh??? many happy returns!! deni.........;)

Serena said...

Belated Birthday Wishes from me to you, Anita! You are a very special lady who deserves all the love and attention you receive. I, for one, am deeply appreciative of all the inspiration and encouragement I receive from you. Didn't Margaret do a lovely post to mark your birthday?

I've only just managed some spare time to catch up with my favourite blogs and I must say that I love all the work you have done recently....the aniseed jar has to be one of my favourite's. No doubt, Jake has well and truly emptied it by now? lol

PS - I will be sending your Pay It Forward gift some time this week. I do hope you like what I did for you.

mARTa said...

Did I miss a birthday? Oh, best wishes just the same!!! I love this portrait of Harry. I am getting quite attached to your little one.....Does he know he is somewhat of a blog celebrity?

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Deni...No, infact I wouldn't mind a Birthday every week if they were all this wonderful!

Thank you so much Serena. Yes, the aniseed balls have well and truly gone now!
Got my gift today and am grinning from ear to ear...THANKYOU!!!

Thanks Marta!
Harry the 'blog supermodel', that's what I call him. He loves it if he's honest! ;)