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Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Hour In The Garden

By Anita Davies
This morning Joannie and I watched The Impressionists on DVD. This would be the first time Joannie had seen the BBC1 drama, me?....I've seen it over and over and I could watch it again and again!
All inspired, we decided to make the most of the sunshine and each took a canvas panel and some acrylic paints into the garden to paint plein air.
Plein air set up
We moved straight in with acrylic, no preliminary pencil sketching, just like the brave Impressionists had in our morning viewing. For one hour we were lost in light, colour and (believe it or not) ...silence! We played, we splodged, we dared and we had so much fun.
It always fascinates me how two artists can sit side by side and create such different works from the view before them.
By Joan Sandford-Cook


Alan said...

Wonderful work. Thank goodness for sunshine. We have had hail today. Stayed indoors. Watched a few old episodes of Oregon Art Beat (local arts program).

Margaret Ann said...

WARNING:Too much fun alert!!! :)
These are both just great...I'm so glad you got your sunshine...What a beautiful back yard retreat/art playground! Tell Joan her's reminds me of a Monet! I so want to come over to your house and play too! :)

Lisalou said...

I look so forward to your postings---always full of surprises. You have such a range--so many mediums. Every day on your blog is like opening a new gift! I want you to know you are inspiring me and that I used a "grid" (like you often do), on the world wide sketchcrawl--to sketch some snippets of the day. What fun!
I am new at this but learning so much from you!
With gratitude,

caseytoussaint said...

A sunny day! I've forgotten what those feel like!
Thanks for posting this - I love comparing the work of two artists working on the same scene. Your styles are so different, but I love them both.

Jess said...

What a lovely time you must have had :) It's been too long since I went out with an artist friend.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks Anita for posting my effort as well and for the wonderful four days together sketching, eating, drinking and most of all talking!!! and ....
thanks Margaret Ann for your Monet comment. I have always said my garden work is impressionist - thanks for confirming it and for the confidence to carry on this way with this particular subject I love.

Nina Johansson said...

I love these, both of you did a terrific job with the view in front of you!

Joan said...

Looks like a fun time in the garden. Isn't it funny how when you paint with someone, each version is so very different! I like that we all see something different.

Anonymous said...

wow!! what great fun!! I love that impressionists program...have only caught snippets of it but could watch it over and over myself....your paintings could be hung right up there with those guys'!!!!!!!! deni.......;)

E-J said...

Waaaah ... I want to live the Impressionist lifestyle with you guys!!! I've been reading about the colour harmonies in Monet's garden, and about the time Van Gogh & Gauguin spent together at the Yellow House (ok, so maybe that wasn't such a success) and am itching for some plein air and the company of other artists. Looks as if you had way too much fun with these!