Thursday, September 11, 2008

Barnsdale Gardens, Rutland, Leicestershire.

Sketchbook entries from Barnsdale Gardens

Barnsdale gardens are situated in beautiful Rutland in Leicestershire. They were built by Television gardener Geoff Hamilton over several years for BBC TV Gardeners' World programme & various other BBC specials.
In 1996 Geoff passed away and the gardens were opened to the public.

During Joannie's recent visit we took our first trip to Barnsdale and it's amazing 39 gardens! We took our sketchbooks and a couple of watercolour blocks with us, one of which I prepared the night before with an acrylic toned background. I sketched the greenhouse onto this block, using white gel pen and then watercolour washes to hint at some of the foliage.

My favourite garden was the town paradise garden, with it's running water and small pond giving it such a tranquil feel. I rested here a while to produce my second watercolour block sketch of the day.
I plan to colour it at some point in the near future.

Barnsdale is a beautiful place, Joannie and I had a wonderful day!


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Our blogs are beginning to look alike with our entries of our wonderful painting days together!!! The unusual style of the greenhouse really works. Hope the photos I sent are helpful when you colour the pergola. Off for my hospital appointment today but hopefully will add a new post this evening on the gift for my hairdresser's new baby.

Anita Davies said...

It just shows you how much work we got done in our time together Joannie...Hope you have recovered alright! LOL!
Best of luck at the hospital....thinking of you, as always, with love. x

Dianne said...

Sketches lovely as always, absolutly love the water color.
The colors are gorgeous. I've been away house sitting missed seeing all you fantastic sketches and paintings...

Anita Davies said...

Hi Dianne...Good to have you back!
Thank you for your kind comments.

kazumiwannabe said...

The green house drawing is magical!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love the greenhouse sketch. I can't wait to see what you do with the pergola. It looks so inviting just as is.

Lottery Girl said...


So much FUN to see both your interpretation and Joan's of your time together. That greenhouse is spectacular, especially with the color of the background you chose.

The sketches seem more personal somehow than framed art work, although I enjoy that as well.

Margaret Ann said...

You can tell the day was fabulous by the joy in these sketches...the artist's hand never lies LOL...Beautiful! :)

Joan said...

Anita, I love your sketches and that one of the greenhouse done with the white gel and watercolors is super!!!

Anita Davies said...

Thank you Kazum!

Thanx Lisa...Yes, I was looking fwd to colouring the pergola but I too like it as it is...Haven't decided yet! LOL!

Thanx Lottery Girl. I always think it's so interesting when two or more artists sketch at the same place...Always such different choices and styles.

It was a wonderful day Margaret, glad that shone through!

Thank you Joan.