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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Trip To Haddenham Galleries

Above is the view from my studio window, painted in acrylic after loading my car with works to present at Haddenham Gallery.

I arrived early and indulged in a coffee on the decking outside the gallery overlooking the sculpture garden entrance, which is marked by this lovely old tree.

After my meeting, I parked up in the village and sketched the scene above of Haddenham Baptist church.

My meeting went very well. I have been asked to contribute in a mixed exhibition in April and was offered two panels around June time.
Melinda was very interested in my sketchbooks, they seem to steal the show where ever I go, she thinks that my sketch pages would appeal and asked if I had thought of framing some for sale. Obviously they appeal to me, I love creating them.
So, I am in the process of taking my small watercolour block around with me, aswell as my sketchbook. I could just re-produce works up at home but I believe I would try to perfect them too much and I think the essence of these designs lies within 'the moment'.
At this point, I am thinking I will fill one panel with framed sketches and the other with small plein air acrylics on canvas, giving the whole exhibit an 'on location' theme.

I have not framed a sketch compilation before and I have painted just 3 plein air acrylics and 'this' is my idea for my very first gallery show!!! ALL of the work needs to be produced before the show, approx 12 canvasses and 12 sketches, ALL plein air works and I live in England known for it's reliable weather!
How exciting!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

THis is tremendous news. It will be great for you to be able to get your work out there for more people to enjoy.

Sandra Rowney said...

I'm interested to see you are going for the location work. I really think that that is where your strength lies. The trick will be to somehow fool yourself into being as relaxed and as casual as when you are using a sketch book. Good luck!

Joan said...

I love your sketchbooks and can understand the interest in them. It sounds like the show will keep you busy for a while! Congrats!!