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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Sketchbook Studies

People sketched from imagination and birds sketched from both life and photo references. The ink landscape in the background (below) is a beautiful spot in Haddenham that I sketched on the way home from the galleries. I had but a couple of minutes but would love to return with my acrylics and easel when the weather warms up.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Does this mean you have delivered your Cat and the Pigeon work. What did she think of your pair of emotive monochrome pieces?

You seem to be well back into sketching again. What about the work for the Haddenham summer show??

Anita Davies said...

No, this was the first time I visited the gallery...catching up with posting my sketches...I have heaps of them!
Been sketching AND working....already have 5 pieces for the show and started the 6th this afternoon :)
Just sent you a text btw, hope you got it ;)

SKIZO said...

I like your drawings.
good creations.