Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Daily Journal Entries

Busy week!
...Always time for a little sketching though.


Shirley said...

Love your journal page - it combines color and ink drawings in such an innovative way. I like pen drawings, but then can't keep myself from adding color. I need to try this on several pages.

The Jen said...

Today is my first trip to your blog. I absolutely love it! (got here from flickr) Your journals are beautiful. Very inspiring, indeed. ~jen~

Margaret Ann said...

Lady Clifden that page with all the torn bits and your notes...the energy of it really seemed to mirror a busy week...well done! :)

E-J said...

Good to see you being experimental with the techniques you're using in your sketchjournal besides the good ol' fashioned drawings and watercolours. I say "good" because I'm doing it too! - and feeling a lot less precious about my Canson than I have about previous sketchbooks, which can only lead to greater creativity, I figure. So looking forward to seeing one or two of your sketchbooks "in real" again next w/e.

austin of sundrip said...

This is my first time here....clearly I've missed a lot.

I really, really like your style.
I've not done journaling like this before. I've seen it on Flickr and stuff but I've never done it. I really enjoy seeing it when it's done this well. Bravo...absolutely wonderful works through out your pages.

smiles to you and yours,

winna said...

The sketch is so good and has so much in it to see---also I totally agree with your thoughts on the bird mess--it's like they must try to explain somehow, that they do not care for the living arrangement...freedom is definately what they have in mind--