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Monday, October 20, 2008

Comfort Zone

It's hard to resist on these chilly evenings and I do try but every now and then the temptation is too much and I allow myself to be grabbed by this comfort zone, only to wake in the early hours wondering where the time went!


Lisa Reed said...

Makes me want to curl up!
So cozy!

Anonymous said...

Love the sofa/couch---really spells comfort---very well done---I need a longer couch to flop down on...EJM

Melissa S. said...

I love your style! Do you draw with a pen first then do watercolor wash on it? Do you do it all at the same time...or come back at a later point to colorize? I am trying to do some of this, but it eludes me!

Waiting... said...

Very nice! It is exactly the kind of chair that I've been looking for to replace my cold leather one! Maybe I will draw my chair too. Yours will be a great one for me to learn from. Have a great day!

Genine said...

it's chilly , im sleepy and now I want to curl up on your sofa! Wonderful sketch.

Barbara Weeks said...

Nice drawing-as always. Yes, I do have just such a spot. I usually wake up a think i could have been drawing!