Monday, October 20, 2008

Grand Opening


You may remember my disappointment back in May when our local supermarket cafe was shut down for renovation. Well today the new improved version of Tesco opened complete with cafe and I went down with a brand new watercolour moleskine to mark the occasion.

The newly vamped store was a little disappointing and the cafe is smaller now than it was before but it is on an upper level which offers an unusual perspective for my pre-shopping sketch sessions.

My main concern is that the latte was awful...I hope that's improved upon before my next visit.


Timaree said...

I would hope. A bad latte doesn't make for an enjoyable session with your sketchbook. I am sure it's part of the experience. Why oh why do they have to change what is working just fine?

Anita Davies said...

Oh I couldn't agree more Freebird. The new cafe is very small and narrow and there is little distance between tables which means every time the person next to you do too!
I did complain about the coffee and I wasn't alone, so here's hoping they'll listen!

Felicity Grace said...

I hope they listen and sort things out - I'm looking forward to more Tesco sketches but will you have to keep going if they don't? I like the changed persepective.

Anita Davies said...

I think I'll have a sketch session before shopping even if the coffee continues to be awful Felicity, I really used to enjoy my sessions and have missed them terribly. It's great figure practice and since our life class finished it was a great weekly way of keeping my hand in so to speak.
However, great coffee would mean longer sketching sessions, not sure how long I could sit with an orange juice...I could get lost all day with decent coffee though. LOL!