Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back To School - Week 2

How much fun am I having at these workshops?
I love them!!!
Yesterday each and every one of us played the role of Mother Nature and produced magic. We turned plain green leaves into colourful printed explosions to mark the Season of Autumn.
I managed to sneak a few photos of their creativity at the end of the lesson while their teacher read to them from my 'Voices' journal.


Joan said...

Anita - It's hard to tell who looks like they're having more or the kids!!!!! What a fun project to do with them.

Margaret Ann said...

How' art always puts me in a joyful good mood!
Yours actually has the same effect...and how special it is that my Maruman was gifted with a dragon fly of my very own!

freebird said...

These kids will remember this journaling for the rest of their lives you know. I remember the papier mache cow I made in 5th grade and that they took it away from me because they liked it and wanted to put it up in the district office. Well, I liked it too. These kids of yours will get to keep these journals as wonderful memories and hopefully a push towards a life of art making.

kazumiwannabe said...

Wonderful! Cool idea and lovely realisations! It's fun following you and the class in your experiments!