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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Nibbles and Notes - Day1

Did you know that cherries are a good source of potassium?
(Potassium helps to stabilise heartbeat and keep the skin healthy)

That they are thought to have cleansing properties believed to cleanse the kidneys of toxins?

That eating 8oz of fresh or canned cherries a day can lower levels of uric acid in the blood, which may help prevent gout?

What's more, these clever little fruits taste wonderful!


So, July has began and brought with it another new project for me to focus on...FOOD!

My replacement pocket watercolour Moleskine arrived with the morning post enabling me to set about my day sketching everything that passed through my lips.
I like to learn something from every artistic project I take part in, challenge myself... grow!
So here's my intentions:

I've decided to title the journal 'Nibbles & Notes'. I'll be adding little notes about some of the foods I feature each day. Learning more about the foods we eat can help us understand how our bodies react, explain cravings, aid minor health problems and possibly prevent more serious ones.
Think of me as your very own, online Ray Mears for the next 31 days!

I plan to create all of my sketches in this book 'lead-free', directly in pen without the safety net of a pencil and eraser. Facing the challenge of sketching my food intake while trying to maintain a visually pleasing composition on a very confined surface. (The Moleskine measures 9x14cms)

I'm not very patient, so many of my sketches will be created from memory, after I've eaten, challenging me to focus on key aspects of the subject, visualise them in my mind and transform them onto paper.

My caffeine intake is appalling, so I'm using this project to try and help me curb it a little but, more importantly, to encourage me to drink fluids other than coffee, which I just do not do at all!

So, there you have it 'Nibbles & Notes' for July...Enjoy!


Shirley said...

Great pages. I look forward to seeing how you compose all of those dishes and cups for 31 days. The Moleskines in the US no longer have perforations. Interesting....

Sharon said...

These are wonderful. You really make painting food look easy, which I know it isn't (well, at least not for me.)

Margaret Ann said...

Visually I always come away with a treat...this will be an excellent series...Loved the wine X 4 LOL :)

Anita Davies said...

Thanx Shirley.
I wish they didn't have perforations here Shirley, it seems such a silly thing to do...If I wanted to remove a page I am quite capable of cutting it out, the perforations make the books so vulnerable.

Thankyou Sharon

Thanks Margaret. I feel I should explain that Vimto is a fruit cordial you dilute with water not a wine. LOL!

Anetka said...

good explanation:)
5 coffees a day would make me shake and shiver inside out:) I used to drink coffee a lot but now...I am trying to stay awake on 1-2 mugs a day:)

I wouldn't be able to sketch my food as I eat when I see food - there is no time for "taking time" and sketching:)

Anita Davies said...

I'm the same Anetka, I am mostly sketching these pages from memory.
The coffee...5 cups is excellent for me, well 5 and a latte. ;)
I am used to drinking more around 15-20 cups a day, so you can see the need to address it.

Joan said...

These pages of food sketches are lovely!!! You're going to keep me very hungry for a month...thanks a lot! lol

Barbara Weeks said...

Great way to cross the gutter in the sketchbook! Great title and drawings-can't wait to see more!

:) Silvia said...

That's so cool, I'll be watching your food series with great interest :D!

Robyn said...

Such a beautiful start to this project, Anita. I'm also so impressed with the reliability and efficiency of your British postal service. I was reading somewhere that it is in trouble. Doesn't seem like it. I'm still waiting for art supplies order on May 15!

Serena said...

Whoo hoo! Another one of your fabulous and delectable projects for me to savour. I LOVE visiting your blog, Anita! You truly are a wonderful inspiration.

kazumiwannabe said...

It's great. I love the composition, the colors, everything! I was surprised by the size, I thought it was bigger. Do you have all the composition in your mind before you begin drawing?

SCquiltaddict said...

goodness are one busy lady...i have to go take a nap now for you:> great job on the food spread and to top it off tidbits of info on what the food can do for you...terrific job