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Monday, June 30, 2008

End Of The Month

Well I'm gradually getting organised in the indoor studio, there are so many advantages it would be hard to list them all but having my PC in the same place as my work is a definite bonus.

I'm still waiting on my Ikea delivery of furniture, which is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, in the meantime I've been on the look out for specific pieces to fill gaps and do jobs I wanted them to.
I found this wonderful ottoman/blanket box on ebay that opens from the front like a drawer. It was the exact height I needed not to invade the window area, hold my printer and provide storage for all my computer paper, postal envelopes, packaging and greeting cards etc...

Next I found some sea grass drawers. The tall set holds filled and empty journals (I have a shelf on my bookcase for all those in progress) The two smaller sets hold art materials by category; watercolour, pastel, coloured pencil etc... I'm hoping the Ikea drawers will be large enough to hold my acrylic and oil supplies.

The studio has an apex above the computer area which is framed by my pretty little star lights, an ideal place for a nice shelf to hold a few pieces of work and some studio 'nick nacks' that would usually invade my desk space.

And here I am amongst the stars...still unfinished I might add! One day!

I couldn't resist popping another studio view in, the sunsets this weeks have been glorious. We've had rain and dark clouds recently but the studio still remained light and airy.

While going through various heaps, I came across this piece painted in acrylic a couple of years or so ago. I had forgotten all about it.

July starts tomorrow and I have signed up to the every day in July theme on Nablopomo which is FOOD. I hope you will all pop in and keep me company throughout the month.

The ebay seller of my problematic Moleskine replied to my email with huge apologies and promised to send a replacement asap, I'm hoping it will arrive on my doorstep in the morning (Fingers crossed!)
Failing that I'll have to have a rethink.


seesue said...

Ohhh-hh Anita! That self-portrait! Unfinished or not, I'm loving it. Your range delights me.

Anetka said...

Anita, your studio is just perfect! It must be a real pleasure just to look for the things you need in there to store your art stuff:)
I love your star lights:)

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

My girly its looking fantastic. Love the star lights you mentioned to me and the grass drawer units. When can I come down and share this awesome wonderful space. ????

Judybec said...

I LOVE seeing your new studio and it's progress Anita. the drawers and unique blanket chest are fitting in perfectly. It looks wonderful especially your portrait "up among the stars".
Your food sketch looks yummy too!

art addict said...

Anita, I really am loving the light, airy look of your studio. I am so happy for you! I also am loving my studio space with the computer in the same room. It's awesome.

Wow- that flower is GORGEOUS!! Thanks for sharing it, along with your wonderful studio pics!

:) Silvia said...

Anita, congrats on your new studio!
I'd like to join you on this month's NaBloPoMo theme, though I'm don't feel to confident about whether I'll be able to keep it up through the whole month ;).