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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Playing With My Food

I've recently been following and enjoying Borromini's food diary, where she is logging her diet intake. It looks so much fun and I enjoy watching the challenge of fitting her daily intake into a visually attractive composition with each sketch.
I was so inspired that I decided to grab my little watercolour moleskine sketchbook and have a go too! I thought it would be a fun comparison as I am most definitely NOT on a diet.

Then I grabbed my A5 Flo journal to compare the advantages and disadvantages of having a larger area to work with...

I learned just one thing...There are thousands of different ways to approach this subject and all of them are fun!

Then, as if by magic, an email appeared in my inbox from Nablopomo informing me that their theme for July is to be FOOD!
I decided immediately to sign up to the July blogroll and intend experimenting with my food daily throughout July.

The decision of which sketchbook to use for the project is not proving as simple....Moleskine, Maruman, Canson, Flo......Decisions, decisions!

I spent today completing three different formats of my intake to compare layouts.

If you are planning to join in for the month of July I feel I must warn you...
...It's rather addictive!



Shirley said...

The different compositions are great - and it is fun to see what others eat! Do you sketch and then eat - or take photos and compose the page later in the day?

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Shirley.
I do a little of both...sketching while eating or sketching from memory when temptation is just too strong, which is most of the time! LOL!
I think if I started to take photos it would take the spontaneous feel away from the whole project and become a little too serious...I'd be prone to aiming too perfect with photos I think.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This could be a good ritual for a diet. Having to sketch all you eat. I am afraid I would need a larger format. ha... I will look forward to July.

kazumiwannabe said...

They all look so great. And now I'm hungry again (and i've just had breakfast...)

Laurel Neustadter said...

This does look like fun. And I agree with Shirley ... it is fascinating to see what others eat. It is like being a culinary voyeur. It is also interesting to see your different layouts. I am really bad at layouts, so it is educational for me!

Borromini Bear said...

Beautiful pages!!!!! I am so glad that you are going to draw food like me. Not only interesting to see what you eat(which is more interesting than my food!) but also how you compose your page. One of the challenges is putting the page together over the course of the day.
I agree that taking photos is not the thing to do. I always do at least an outline before I start eating. As I am left handed but eat right handed I can easily eat and paint at the same time (if I cut my food up first!)
What a fun month July is going to be!!!!!

Sharon said...

These are wonderful, it's not that easy to paint food, Anita. Hmmm, painting my meals rather than going to get dessert and a cup of coffee after I eat WOULD be a good thing to do. Maybe I'll get inspired by your example!