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Friday, June 27, 2008

Column Week 21

This is my newspaper column, in print today in the Cambs Times and Wisbech Standard:

During a recent trip to Coltishall to visit my dear friend Joan Sandford-Cook, we took a drive to sketch the mills at How Hill. There are 3 mills in total, all built to drain the Broads marshes.
In Roman times How Hill was an estuary but in the 5th and 6th centuries the sea level dropped providing land where plants started to grow, giving the Saxons perfect grazing for cattle.
Boardman’s Mill, also known as Skeleton Mill, was our first stop, built in 1897 by Daniel England, it is an open timber trestle mill that suffered wind damage in 1938, recently restored by the Norfolk Windmills Trust.

Turf Fen Mill, built by William Rust in 1875, was our next stop. Typical of the brick tower mills you see throughout the Broads, it was also recently restored by the trust.
We spent a wonderful, relaxing afternoon by the River at How Hill, soaking in the sunshine and admiring the fantastic views.

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Anonymous said...

I love old mills Anita! When we moved to englad many years ago, we stayed in an old mill..heavens, the name is escaping me now..and I would alwasy stand mesmerized by the windo, watching the water flow underneath our little cottage...I loved it. england is just so beautiful and you've captured it here!

Margaret Ann said...

Charming sketches and a really fascinating story.:)

mARTa said...

ah, visions of places far away and magical. You transport me my friend to better places through your art!!! I would love to someday see a real one instead of a false front one that sells souvenir T-shirts!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Did you always plan to use the windmill trip for one of your columns? Great to read all the historical notes too. Oops re the bearded iris - a lots washed under my bridge since your 18th June post!!!!! but one is supposed to be forgetful at my age!!!
Spent afternoon at N+N hospital - they dont seem to think its a allergy but more to do with the old ticker!!!!!! More tests. So feet up all weekend reading my new A&I mag just arrived.... and being waited on by dear old Clive.

Anetka said...

I love the story, love your sketches. Thank you for sharing:)
one of the reasons I love England is that it takes care of whatever is left from the memories, buildings, history giving us the opportunity to have a taste of the past.

btw. thank you for comments on my blog:)

kazumiwannabe said...

Beautiful and interesting! I have never seen a mill like the first one, in wood. It must be fragile. I'm amazed it's still there, even if it's been restaured!