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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Here is another practice layout in my small watercolour moleskine ready for the FOOD theme throughout July.
I ordered a new pocket watercolour moleskine from eBay for the project which I'm happy to say arrived yesterday. I opened it this morning, popped my details in the front page and flicked through the pages to see how many spreads would go in and...The pages fell out!
Most of the middle section has completely fallen away from the little perforations, leaving me just one day to find a replacement and a Moleskine I cannot use!
Not a great start to the day!
I have emailed the seller and await a reply.

Then I popped over to the MarumanX blog to see that Margaret had received my Maruman safely and has posted photos and scans of my images. The relief of knowing it arrived in one piece was wonderful! I'm very jealous that my little book is making such a fantastic journey through artist's homes that I admire but most honoured to be sharing this experience with them.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Sorry about your moleskin. Hope you get it sorted in time for July - starts on Tues!!!!!!!
Dived straight over to the MARUMAN LINK and oh Nitsa (sorry folks thats our local pet name for this wonderful artist and friend) they are wonderful. Each piece of work conjured up your well loved home and all its charm and nooks and crannies. Brilliant - and very brave with the soft blue self portraits added. You should be proud of yourself. Love the theme for your book.

SCquiltaddict said...

well it looks last one has been doing that too...a big one falling apart at the perforations..i taped the back of them with masking tape...the beigy brown paper tape painters here use ..well they did before the blue paper! its most annoying...thank goodness only two pages left...

Anita Davies said...

Thank you so much Joannie. I'm pleased to report that the seller contacted me back immediately with apologies and will be posting another out to me asap. Fingers crossed it's here in time.

Margaret, I've no idea why they insist on puttiing those silly perforations in anyway, if I wanted to take a page out I'm quite capable of cutting it out and surely that instance is more rare than wanting to leave the pages IN!
How annoying for you, it must surely give you doubts on whether to use Moleskine again after that experience...I know it's given me a bit of kick against them.

Borromini Bear said...

What a pain!

So you decided to go for the small WC moleskine? Thats great - we will be both using the same format. I think it is an extra challenge to work in this small size.

Another wonderful page... and your marumanX pages are great - I would love to be involved in one of your sharing projects in the future.

Anita Davies said...

I agree, the size is challenging, especially when adding your text!
Thanks, I would love for you to be involved with my next sharing project, I'll look you up next time!