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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Noodlers and Lamy

On Thursday I spent the day with a couple of favourites of mine, Noodler's Red/Black ink and my bright yellow Lamy Safari fountain pen.

I love working with these tools, sketching randomly without a care in the world and a thought for error. I've been sketching in a contour style for a while now, with black waterproof ink adding watercolour washes and it was so good to leave that controlled style for the day and let rip!

Although we spent the day together my sketches were fast, grabbing at spare moments throughout my day and making the most of them by clearing my mind of expectation and simply enjoying the way the Lamy nib glided across the Canson paper in my journal.

I finished each by manipulating the soluble ink with a water brush, creating a feeling of dimension and values to bring them to life.


Susan M. Walker said...

I am not familar with the specific tools you are using but love the effect and your work. I especially like the loose artsy drawing lines in sketch like this.

You really look like you were having fun!


Dave said...

You know, I use that ink too, and I didn't realise it was water soluble. How dumb am I?! Good thing I've only ever used it for line work...would have got a bit of a shock if I'd tried to add washes!!

Lovely sketches; I especially like the transparency of the're so good at that.

oh2btigger said...

how neat!!! What beautiful pieces of art you have there!

Joan said...

These look so lovely in the red ink!!!

Frankye said...

Anita, great sketches! I always like the way you do your hand sketches. I know I've mentioned this before: I have red/black ink in my yellow Lamy but it doesn't seem to sketch the way yours does!!! If I had your Lamy, maybe I could sketch a kitty with blue eyes too! Whatch'a think?

Beautiful work as always. Thank you.