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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back To Canson

After finishing my April Birthday journal a couple of days early I am back with the Canson sketchbook I left at the beginning of the month.
I spotted the ballerina keyring in one of those 2p machines at the seaside arcades and just had to win her.
Degas' ballerinas are my first real memory of art appreciation so having her look after the keys to my studio seemed perfect.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Back home and back much improved. Had fun scanning all your posts I missed - love the Picasso style piece. Great response to Emma Jane's query - helpful to so many of us. Loved the cheerful Tom - thought it might be a play on words but no sign of your wonderful man there.

Joan said...

Cute ballerina key ring!! Nice memory too.

Anonymous said...

Cute!! I'm developing a mild obsession with those little doll things they're giving out at Wendy's. Not really strong enough for keys but I just set them around everywhere! *LOL* And what "wonderful man"??? You only ever mention your sons! deni...;)

simplyred said...

Your sketches are so wonderful. Seeing things this good always makes me wonder why I even bother. But I keep trying. Maybe one day...

But I really do enjoy reading your blogs and seeing your wonderful sketches. Keep 'em coming.

Ms. Ernie
Gypsy Gold Studio

Serena said...

What a sweet sketch and post ~ :)