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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


These are the last pages in my 40th Birthday Journal my Sons gifted me at the beginning of April. It has been a pleasure to use.

My truck went in for it's first MOT on Monday.
A little early, I parked firstly in Church Lane, Doddington and sketched some tulips in bloom and a lamp post. I later added my truck key to the page.

My second stop was in a lay by on Wimblington Road, just before Sisco garage, where I stopped just long enough to grab a quick sketch of the road ahead and surrounding landscape in greyscale.
While waiting for my Mum to collect me I sketched a diesel pump.

Later Monday evening I sneaked a sketch of my eldest watching TV.

Finally, I ended this journal in the best possible way...With one last cuppa and a few thoughts.

What next?....

Oh, I think I have plenty to keep me busy!


Anonymous said...

*sigh*...what a great way to end the month and this journal..with all your new beginings! You ARE blessed! And we are blessed to have you for inspiration! Happy spring into summer!....deni...;)

Susan Carlin said...

Thank you for the kind comment over at my place, Anita. I've revised the painting you commented on... for the better, I think. What a terrific place you have here! I'll be sure to come visit again.
Thanks again,

Robyn said...

What a beautiful design you have made out of the simple study of your son watching television, Anita.
I was exhausted just reading the list of projects you have on the go ;)

Anetka said...

congratulations on finishing your sketchbook:)
thank you for sharing great sketches and ideas:)
I am going to use the last one "What's next" when I get to the last page of my sketchbook. I hope you don't mind?
Good luck with your next projects!

Dave said...

Hope the truck passed its MoT...always a nerve-wracking experience! But who else but you would have thought of turning it into an opportunity for a journal entry!!

Anita Davies said...

I am blessed Deni...Sometimes I find it a little scary.

Susan I loved visiting your blog, fabulous work. I have added you as a Starpost this week.
I look fwd to your future visits.

LOL...Yes, I like to be busy Robyn. I work better under pressure...I have this knack for turning pressure into excitement and find it all such a thrill.

Anetka, thank you! Of course I don't mind, actually I found the 'What Next' page quite useful too and plan to use it again.

LOL...It needed a new number plate, some water damage got into it and disturbed the letters, that's all Dave.
However, I have left it there for a full service to be carried out at the same time, so had no transport yesterday. This was it's first MOT, 3 years old now, I am not really a 'car' person but she has become my sketching buddy and I missed her yesterday.
How sad is that!

Serena said...

Congratulations on finishing your sketchbook...and what perfect ending too. :)