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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hahnemuhle Travel Booklets

From this plain little brown booklet

To this....

Don't they look great!
I purchase a block of cover papers today and decided to spruce up some Hahnemuhle Travel Booklets, I love how they've come out. These little journals are what I gave my students to work with and I can't wait to show them how they look with a makeover next week.
The first two in the top picture are gifts; one for a friend's birthday and one for Brian Nelson. (His is the lined one) A while back I posted my very first dip pen sketches and commented that I found the nibs a little scratchy. Brian commented that he'd bought a package of nibs and offered to send me some as a gift...Just like that!
I think acts of kindness such as this are such a wonderful surprise. Sure to his word, the nibs arrived and are beautiful.
THANK YOU BRIAN!....doesn't sound like much over the internet, even if you shout it in capital letters, so I sketched it inside the first page of the booklet I will be sending as a thank you gift to Brian.
Hope you like it!


Alan said...

They look great, but will be even better when you fill them up with your pictures.

Margaret Ann said...

Ooooh wil he ever flip!!! Awesome bottles are fascinating and I love the brown ink!

Joan said...

Great drawing of the ink bottle and the pen!! Cute idea for the books.

E-J said...

And aren't they pretty!! You seem utterly inspired to great things in 2008. Due to lack of time and energy, I don't comment on your blog as often as I would like to, but I am reading you regularly.

Yes, I have found that, strangely, random acts of kindness seem to happen more frequently on the web than they do in 3D life.

On your recommendation, I got hold of "The Impressionists" for £4 inc. P&P and spent a wonderful 3 hrs in front of my tv with a glass of wine the other evening! While the dialogue did verge, as I'd feared, on the ever-so-slightly contrived ("It's 1861 and here I am, Claude Monet, about to invent Impressionism and change the world!" sort of thing), the whole film held me spellbound. As an education into the Impressionists, their individual backgrounds, aims and approaches, it far surpassed any documentary I have seen, and really brought the major Impressionist artists back to life.

My next Nitsa recommendation? Inktense! I have tried a couple out and been very impressed by their vibrancy, so have added them to my birthday list. Now if only my birthday wasn't four whole months away ... *sigh*

Sandy said...

I agree whole heartedly on the random acts of kindness - and your return with the Lovely pen and ink sketch is equally sencere and so very lovely! Bravo to both of you - may we all Pay it Forward!