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Friday, April 18, 2008

Column Week 11

These are the images and text that made up my illustrated column in the Cambs Times and Wisbech standard, in print today:

Monday was the last day of the Easter holiday for Harry so, to make the most of it, we took a trip into Wisbech together and visited Octavia Hill’s birthplace on South Brink. The house has just received a large amount of funding so is currently a work in progress with some great visual displays, models and information.
Paradise Place, a reconstruction of poor housing in Bethnal Green during 1863 nicknamed ‘little hell’, was especially thought provoking. It was after a visit there that Octavia and the artist John Ruskin joined to begin the foundations for social housing and all Octavia’s further life’s work.
Harry really enjoyed operating the security camera in the Heritage Room, zooming in on pedestrians and traffic, while he was occupied I took seat on the deep window sill and sketched the Hare & Hounds pub across the river Nene.
Octavia also co-founded the National Trust and, although her birthplace is not owned by the trust, as a member I received a discount on entry.
Octavia Hill’s Birthplace: 01945 476358

If you would like to see more, my daily journal entries can be found on my blog :

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Kae Towers ¤ XenophonicScream said...

I think the fact that you're published in your paper is great :) I've been watching your blog for quite a while now and added a link to it on mine. I admire your dedication to drawing every day, and am trying to learn the patience to do so myself. You inspire me in many ways :) Keep up the good work, and know you have another watcher ^__^

Joan said...

Anita, Your writing is a history lesson in addition to a lovely view of where you are. I enjoy it a lot!!

E-J said...

I really like the format and colours of your hotel sketch.