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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quick Journal Pages

Life was pretty full midweek so my journal filled with small extracts of my day on Wednesday and a page of sketches from the doctors surgery during a routine visit on Friday.

I have recently upgraded my Flickr account and now have room for many more sets, so last night I uploaded a few finished pieces of work I've created over the past five years. I have many more to add, I hadn't realised I had painted so much!
You can view them HERE!

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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Can't possibly keep up with all your blogs well alone all the work that goes on behind the scenes before your post them!!! Loved Octavia sepia sketch - such good history for Harry as well as fun being out with his lovely mum all to himself. The CLOSE TO HOME 'T' SHIRT is terrific. So so so sorry I missed sending you good wishes for your first workshop. I had a dreadful night after our chat for I felt an awful friend not to have contacted you just before or after. AM I FORGIVEN?????? You know how proud I am of you and all your success. You sure have the midus touch turning all you plan to golden fruition.