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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sporting Art

I painted this in my Altered baby Book this evening using sepia pigment liner and gouache. Item #160 on the Weekly EDM Challenge List is to ' Draw A Trophy', it belongs to my favourite sportsman of all...My eldest Son Jake.

Read more about my Altered baby Book HERE

I also uploaded these two Spring designs into my card shop at GCU today for Easter, I'd totally forgotten that I painted the Daffodils last year and thought they'd be perfect for the occasion.

My Shop at Greeting Card Universe

You may remember me mentioning the BBC1 programme 'Sportrait' showing the process a group of artists take to complete a commissioned portrait of a sports star to be auctioned for sports relief later this year.
This is Jack Vettriano's -

Portrait of Zara Phillips, the royal vamp - by Jack Vettriano

It was fabulous to watch all of the artists that took part but, for me, Jack stood out not only for his obvious painting talent but because he was so...well....human! Looking at his work you could never imagine that he would have the same fears, doubts and nerves we all face when approaching a commissioned piece, in fact, he was much more nervous than I have ever been but then, I haven't been commissioned to paint Royalty......Yet!
Great programme, genuine guy, worthwhile cause...FABULOUS PAINTING!

To read more visit The Daily Mail


Scrappy Cat said...

Your flower paintings are some of the most gorgeous paintings of flowers I have ever seen - I really love your style!


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for bringing our attention to the Sports Portrait programme. I too found Jack very interesting and the most inspiring in creating his composition. Loved the light behind Zara with her black trousers in fantastic contrast. As for the Queens painting that Satchi bought I just cant imagine why this young artist should be doing so well in the art world. Only thing I admired was her idea of putting a 'ring' around her painting of the boxer. Surprised how many of the artists used photos to finish their work. Great programme - shame I missed the first one.

Frankye said...

Anita, What a rich bunch of posts you gave us today! The trophy is great - the work of a very proud Mom! The spring flowers are such a delight to look at. All of the ones that you have done recently have lifted my spirits - my own flower attempts are adding to my discouragement :(
A huge thanks for posting that breathtaking portrait for us to see. It won't be too long before it's your turn!

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou so much Cheryl!

You didn't miss much Joan, no painting took place in programme one just the photography. I was surprised to hear the word 'trace' come out of one of the artists mouths and then to see the results...I'd expected moe from such an accurate start.

Thanks Frankye

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Yeah, the Sport portrait programmes were great. I just wished they had gone on longer - all week rather than just the two episodes. Although I'm not a Vettriano fan I am a Peter Blake fanatic. So, predictably, it was his Ricky Hatton portriat that was my fave. I also found the female artist who did the Cappella and Drogba portriats really interesting. Can't remember her name? Just wish there were more programmes like that on. Where's Rolf these days?

Anita Davies said...

Andrea I'm sure it was Peter Blake who admitted to tracing an outline before painting to ensure he 'has the features in the exact correct position'
I agree, we need more of these pogrammes