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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dippy Doodles and Sketchbooks

My dip pen arrived today and I finally managed to plonk it into a bottle Violet W&N ink at around 11pm.

The nibs that came with it are all calligraphy round hand with squared tips, I had hoped there would be at least one with a nice point...Still, something new to play with and a nice big violet blob on my middle finger to mark the occasion.

I'm sure I can add nibs as I go...I'm gathering most nibs will fit most dip pens right?

Some of you have been asking where I get my watercolour sketchbooks from, so here are the all essential links:

Canson - Bright red with black corners

Saunders Waterford - Scroll down when you reach the website, mine is the one with the green spine.

Both are wonderful to use!

The Saunders Waterford has slightly thicker paper that is 'creamy white' whereas the Canson is a brighter white. The Canson has more pages and is ever so slightly larger than the SW.


brian nelson said...

Great sketches! I bought a box of nibs a while back. There are more than I can use. Contact me and I will send you some. They are a very fine point and they have some nice flex to them. You can access my email address on my blog site. Again, Nice Sketches!

Frankye said...

Anita, Thank you for the website information. The first site has the watercolor block that I have been looking for the past three years! Gerstaecker watercolor block. I took a week long class from a wonderful German woman who had the paper available for us to buy. This is the first time I have seen it anywhere! Now, perhaps I can find the brushes that she had available too.

Margaret Ann said...

Ya just gotta love a girl who breaks in her brand new dip pen with purple ink-just scrumptious! ;)

Robyn said...

I adore different coloured inks. I bought a brown once that was scented with tobacco! Welcome to the Ink Finger Club, Anita. ;) You look like you been at it for years with those beautiful, crisp, straight lines.

Sounds like Brian will sort out your nib supply but I just wanted to mention that I think what we, in Australia, call Post Office Nibs are great to sketch with. Your nib holder looks exactly the same as mine so I'm sure it will fit standard nibs. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Lovely drawings Anita! I've got an ancient dip pen with the most hardy of nibs that withstands anything. I had a new one for christmas with an assortment of nibs but I seem to be too rough with them and they break easily! They don't make'em like they use to! ;)

PamYla said...

Beautiful sketches!-

Dave said...

Great work! I've got several dip pens that I've picked up over the years but I don't use them much. I like the springy nibs best, because you can get really interesting lines with them.

Anita Davies said...

Brian that is so kind of you...Thank you!

Frankye, I'm so pleased to have been of help!

LOL...Thanks Margaret!

Thanks Robyn, scented ink huh...Mmmm, I like that idea.

Thanks Jess. Nope, nothing is like it 'used to be'.

Thank you Pamyla

Thanks Dave. Hmmm, mine didn't feel all that springy, scratchy YES...springy...No! :(

Marie-Dom said...

Hey Anita.
Lovely inky sketches. What kind of dip pen are you using? I've been on the hunt for a decent one for ages, but no luck so far. How are you getting on with it?

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Marie.
I used a calligraphy set for these sketches but have since purchased a couple more. The second was a Joseph Gillott which I found a little scratchy and the third was a Hunt Crow Quill which is by far the nicest.
Hope that helps!