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Friday, March 14, 2008

Column Week 6

Column Layout

'I woke this morning to breakfast in bed served by my youngest, Harry, wearing his ‘007’ tuxedo…What a fantastic way to start Mother’s Day!
As I sipped my coffee and nibbled my toast we browsed through the beautiful paintings in the Baby book he had purchased from the school Mother’s Day Shop. The book is for recording a newborn baby’s details and growth but my thoughtful Son noticed the paintings and thought it would be perfect, he was so right! I intend to use it as an altered journal and make sketches of my own ’babies’ in it’s pages right alongside the masters. I started it today by sketching Harry while he took a well earned break on the sofa.
My eldest, Jake, presented me with a huge basket of the most beautiful flowers last night, knowing he would be leaving the house early this morning to play in a rugby match. Harry looked after me until his return and since then my boys have catered to my every need; endless coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a delicious ‘Cheesecake surprise’…What more could a Mum ask for?
If you would like to see more, my daily journal entries can be found on my blog :


This is what the spread looks like in my altered baby book.

The baby book I am altering.


Just because said...

Illustrating text seems like such a great idea. A marriage made in Heaven! The graphics world could really use more beauty like this.


Alan said...

Another great column. Thanks to web technology we get to share the joy your columns must give to your neighbors that in times past would have only been seen by a few. I look forward to each one.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What a wonderful column this week - so full of family love and beautiful sketches of Harry, flowers, etc and storyline. Be proud of yourself pal.

Joan said...

What a lovely day you had!!! Your sons sound like sweet kids. Happy Mother's Day!

Margaret Ann said...

Ooooooh MY! This is a feast for my eyes...The layout and composition of this page envelops us in a warm hug. What a refreshing, springy splash of sunshine to warm the fens!

Claudia said...

Super, Anita. Love it!

E-J said...

Grabbed a copy of the Wisbech Standard today and took it home (don't worry, I paid for it!) to show Paul your column. I will add it to my collection of cuttings of friends' published art successes, which makes an enjoyable and inspiring browse!

Anita Davies said...

Thank you so much Mark!

How true Alan, isn't the web wonderful! Thanks!

Thanx Joannie! ;)

Thy are the best Joan...I am blessed!

Thank you Margaret, so pleased the warmth I felt shows through.

Thanks Claudia!

Glad you paid for it E-J, I'd hate to see you locked up over me. LOL!