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Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Trip Into Cambridge

Last Friday I drove my eldest and his friend into Cambridge so they could go of and do a little shopping while I relaxed with a latte and my sketchbook.
I strolled through the Grafton centre and onto Lion's Yard before I took my first latte break and sketched 'Lush', one of my favourite shops, opposite.

After my nice sweet latte I went on to browse the market square and soon realised that Cambridge centre is VERY short on benches. I took position on the cold stone fountain to sketch the top of the Marks 'n' Spencer building, chill running through my spine reminding me it was still a bit early for plein air works.
I then met the boys back at the Grafton for some lunch.

All re-charged, we browsed through the Grafton together a while. When they mentioned popping outside to get a mobile top up, I took my chance to stay put and grab another latte, sketching a fashion shop 'Oasis' opposite. No ink on this sketch, just the pencil from my coat pocket, and only time for a quick flick with the Inktense pencils before we headed towards the 'park 'n' ride' bus stop for Cowley road where my comfy truck was waiting patiently for our return.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks as though you had a good time with the boys.

Terry said...

Lovely to see some memories of Cambridge, all beautifully done.

I used to live in East Anglia and still have a son in Cambridge and a stepson in Chatteris and a stepdaughter in St Ives. Have lived in Soham, Sutton, Willingham, Histon and Fen Stanton over the years until I moved away nearly 20 years ago

Ann said...

These are nice. I especially like the top of the Marks and Spencer building - it has a fresh feel to it. It is still too chilly here in the North Carolina mountains for outdoor sketching also, and I am anxious to get outdoors as well :)

Dave said...

Makes a change to see sketches of Cambridge featuring something other than King's College Chapel or the Bridge of Sighs! Lovely, fresh sketches, as usual.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Nice trip to Cambridge. We never did make that promised visit to sketch the uni buildings together.
How nice to go shopping with your BOYS! AND THEN NOT BUY ANYTHING EXCEPT FOOD AND LATTE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great sketches Anita..I loved going to Cambridge when we lived in Felixstowe and reading here, stirs the memories again...!

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Lisa.

What a small world Terry!

I'm not surpised it looks fresh Ann, I was freezing! LOL!

Thanks Dave!

We didn't Joan but that doesn't mean we never will. ;)

I had no idea you used to live here Ronell, glad to have stirred fond memories for you!