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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Impressionistic Pause

Yesterday afternoon I got comfy on the sofa, sketchbook in hand and cuppa steaming by my side, I pressed play on one of my favourite DVD's; The Impressionists. I reviewed this 3 part drama a while back, you can read it HERE.
I've watched it a gazillion times...well almost...this time I decided to press PAUSE and sketch a little using the TV screen as my reference.

The results are displayed here, a journal page dedicated to Bazille and an ACEO card produced from one of the models. Each painting is completed in gouache with the exception of the top right sketch of Bazille, which was painted using watercolour and all paintings were produced under a short time limit, using a flat brush and a carefree attitude.

Great fun!

'Auburn Impression' available to purchase in my Etsy shop

While I'm on the subject of DVD and TV, I watched 'Sportrait' last night, a fantastic programme on BBC1 at 10.35 following 6 artists who paint celebrity sports stars to raise money for Sports Relief. The programme concludes tonight at the same time.
Read more here - Sportrait


Robyn said...

I get very jealous every time you mention your Impressionists DVD, Anita. In fact, I get very jealous about the amount of great tv about artists you have access to. We don't get the BBC here - except BBC Prime and that is limited. :(

I love your quickie paintings - such style, such skill.

Claudia said...

Wonderful sketches, Anita!

mARTa said...

oh, what a fun way to watch a favorite dvd! I have been enjoying all this weeks posts too!!! With so much of life getting in the way I hadn't time to comment....but I'm watching you!!!!

Anita Davies said...

I think it is a great DVD Robyn but I am easily pleased...if it includes art o period costume I'll watch it again and again. LOL
Thankyou for your kind words.

Thankyou Claudia

LOL...I am comforted by the thought that you are watching me Marta. LOL!