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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Surprises

What could be more romantic than a single red rose?

©Margaret Storer-Roche

...and this morning I received the most wonderful surprise in the post, a valentines postcard.

Margaret is one of the participants in my postcard pen pal project and enjoyed taking part so much that she sent me an extra card to say thank you for organising it. Such a thoughtful act, thank YOU Margaret, it's a beautiful addition to my growing collection.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Loved the way you painted the romantic pink around the rose - trust you to be different. Margarets designs are delightful and very complex. .. lucky you. Where you keeping all your penpal post cards?

Sandy said...

Each post has been yummier than the last!

Margaret Ann said...


I am so enjoying your recent postings. Your roses are just dreamy. I especially love the "juciness" of your background washes. Great job!

I am delighted that my card arrived in time for Valentine's day! It's always been fun for me to send little surprises like that to people-I especially enjoyed creating yours. I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks to you, Joan, for your comments on the design. I have been having this burst of excess artistic energy lately and that's what results from it! Great fun to do!