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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Just three, tiny, little words that mean so very much
Can be said so easily to keep two hearts in touch
- I love you!

©Anita Davies


caseytoussaint said...

Happy Valentine's Day toy ou Anita! This would make a great card.

mARTa said...

Happy Valentine's day to you!!!! hugs & chocolate kisses!

E-J said...

Love the colours in your rose! Hope you're having a happy/relaxing/raunchy (delete as applicable) Valentine's Day!

Dave said...

You old romantic! Unfortunately, my DW is away at the moment, so we're postponing our Valentine's Day until Saturday.

Joan said...

Happy Valentine's Day!! Lovely the rose and the patchwork heart!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Love the patchwork heart - reminds me of your glad rags project. Have you ever shared some of those with your blog admirers?? Clive bought me a large bar of choc when he popped down the village shops.. but it just happened to be on the 14th - he doesnt believe in what he terms commercial celebrations???!!! so he probably didnt even know!!! but I love him as he is anyway.

By the way I sent a long comment on the beannie dog, but it doesnt seem to have been posted. I loved the aqua with sienna hues and he looked so cuddly.

Happened again - am sending for third time.

Serena said...

OH so pretty! I think this design would look lovely on a card too ~