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Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Arrivals

Watercolour & ink

Today my new sofa arrived. All plump and springy, it slotted into it's new home like it had never lived anywhere else.

Yesterday the set of 15 Neocolor ll wax pastels I ordered arrived along with a mini sized Canson journal, I love the look of the Canson journals with their bright red covers and black corners and have really enjoyed using my current, larger sized one.

I plan to keep the mini journal in my handbag for cafe sketches, the size should prove alot easier to whip out on unsuspecting 'models'.

The Neocolor pastels are gorgeous! Such vivid, strong pigments and their crayon like appearance made me feel like a child using them, I can't wait to work on something a little larger than today's sketch so I can get really playful. The smallest drop of water and they come alive, I imagine they will prove to be a VERY useful piece of location kit.

Neocolor ll & ink


Jenny said...

Nita, love the sofa! In what year in the future will children be allowed near it?

Cute journal, and the wax pastels look gorgeous. I refuse to add one more medium to my stash, but these look awfully interesting. There is something comforting with any medium than can be used in a manner similar to child's color-crayons.

Anonymous said...

Love you couch anita! And that Canson journal looks great to me too, especially the size...does it take watercolour well?

Anita Davies said...

LOL...I got about 5 minutes on the sofa before the kids took it over Jenny. I eased the pain by pretending to myself that I let them!
The Neo's are deffinately worth adding to your kit...Go on...I dare you! ;)

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Ronell.
The Canson comes in 3 sizes and is filled with 230g HP watercolour paper that is both archival and acid free. It taks watercolour washes wonderfully, aswell as coloured pencil and ink.
It is also reasonably priced.
I've added a link to the bottom of the post for you. ;)

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Its arrived then. When can I test it out?? Must say I agree these red and black Canson look very smart - good paper too but I have to be practical and use up my black set first including my very special moleskin a very special person gave me. Third attempt at posting this comment!!

Joan said...

Anita, You're getting such wonderful deliveries...a new sofa, art materials, and postcards too!! I'll be looking to see what lovely works you create in your new journal.

PamYla said...

oooooh a new couch! I know that you are loving it! It looks great too!

Serena said...

That sofa looks oh so comfortable....nice rendering, Anita!

mARTa said...

Isn't it just grand to get new stuff!!! While away in San Diego I went into the city to a big art store and had a bit of fun!