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Friday, February 01, 2008

Christenings and Birthdays

Today I Christened my new 15cm x 10.5cm Canson journal and what a great little book. Due to it's size, I found it a lot easier to whip out in places I may have felt a little rude doing so with a larger book. For instance, it was my youngest Son's school assembly this morning and pulling out a large clumpy journal may have given the impression I wasn't concentrating on the wonderful acting that took place. My little Canson gave no such impression, proved easy to use and allowed me to capture a memory I will be grateful for some day in the distant future.
Now I know I can do this with a small moleskin but the Canson allows me to work with watercolour on the same white paper I would produce a finished piece on.
The assembly was full of the usual moments that tug on your heart and lift the corners of your lips high. Harry was wonderful!

On leaving the school, I headed into Wood Street to pick up my eldest Son's friend. While I waited I quickly sketched the view in front of me from the truck in my larger Canson journal and made colour notes as a guide for painting later.

Buzzing with my new purchase I decided to stop in Tesco cafe before my weekly shop and fill another page in my small Canson. I think this woman suspected I was sketching her but she didn't seem offended so I continued. I coloured both this sketch and the school one with my Schmincke watercolours there in the cafe while I finished my latte.

Lastly, I called my dear friend Joan to wish her a Happy Birthday and after we'd chatted laughed and reflected I made a sketch of my mobile phone, the gadget that allowed me to be right there in Coltishall with my friend on her special day.



Anonymous said...

you always make the most ordinary people and places you use a niji brush with your paint or do you ask for a cup of water??.....deni.....;)

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks pal for broadcasting that it was my special day yesterday - so its my turn: this lovely lady folks found out where my husband and I were going out to dinner, got hold of their number from nearly 100 miles away, and arranged to leave us a beautiful bottle of white wine on our table for us. It was scrummy. went gorgeous with sea bass and scollops - but we won't mention the wild mushrooms. I ended up in hospital with an allergic re-action!!!!!! All fine now.

Loved the school assembly sketch - bythe way, Nitsa, of course I know HARRY IS GREAT - ALWAYS.

Anita Davies said...

Thanx Deni. I use a Pentel waterbrush, much easier for location sketches. ;)

Anita Davies said...

LOL...Joan, you tell-tale you! Glad you enjoyed the wine, if only for a short time.
No...let's not mention the dreaded mushrooms.
Take care of yourself today my friend, we need you fit and healthy for my next weekend visit!

Joan said...

Anita, You really made the most of your day!! You are so good at sketching anywhere, and doing a lovely job at the same time!

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou Joan!