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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Remember Tea

Most of my 'sketch time' today was taken up with creating reply postcards for the Postcard Pen Pals Project. However, I did manage to fill a journal page with a couple of quick sketches.

I hadn't realised it had been so long since I had indulged in a cup of tea but now the very thought of substituting even one cup of delicious black coffee with tea, quite frankly, leaves me in a cold sweat.
I'm not addicted me!


bec said...

Loooooouv your teapots! nice color and light coming in from the right. I'm luvin my coffee right now too for some reason.

Anonymous said...

*L* My English grandmother would put tea in my milk when I was a kid...I still like my (black) tea milky and sweet....have to have coffee in the morning tho...just be glad you're not hooked on Dr.Pepper!!! *L* (serious caffine there!!.....and you can drink it hot as well as cold!..;) deni..;)

Joan said...

Your teapots are great!! They remind me of pots in a pottery studio waiting to be decorated. I'm a coffee person, but if I have a cold I'm looking for tea!

Sandy said...

I love coffee but in the afternoons I love hot tea - these pots are very charming!