Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Brave Soldier

My youngest, Harry, has suffered chronic toothache since Thursday evening and, with the help of 'Bonjela Cool' has had to brave it out until the first available appointment I could make which is this afternoon.
I made this quick sketch while he was sat at the kitchen table last night and coloured it after he'd gone off to bed complete with a dose of Calpol.

The sketch is in the new Roberson HP sketchbook I purchased and I found myself getting used to this paper a little more this time I used watercolour on it. I knew it would buckle but I knew it would flatten out after. It is wonderful to draw and write on, the Lamy pen just flowed all over it's surface. I like the size too, enough room for a small sketch and a little note alongside makes it a great size for journaling. So, perhaps it isn't as poor a purchase as I first thought. It does make the other sketchbook I have been resisting VERY tempting though as that is filled with 300gsm paper and it seems thickness is the only element missing is the Roberson.


quirkyartist said...

Poor possum! He looks a bit miserable. Lovely soft colours you've used.

phthaloblu said...

Nicely done portrait, just feel bad for the poor little guy.