Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bathrooms and Gladragz

A quick sketch of my bathroom created at 2.36 this morning before finally climbing into bed to grab some sleep before hitting the shops at The Grafton Center today!

I think I may turn my Roberson sketchbook into my Gladragz Designs book, it's a great format for them. The idea came after adding two designs to the HP pages this evening...Note the addition of matching handbags.
When I named this shoe I was thinking of Sophia Loren and Yves Saint Laurent.
When I was sketching this one the tiny bow ties reminded me of butterflies, My Aunt Patricia had a 'thing' for butterflies, so much so she had her ankle tattooed with one. Although she was more a biker boots type of 'gal, she was unique and creative in many ways and I thought the peep hole design addressed that side of her character nicely.

I had hoped to colour them this evening but, frankly, I am 'cream crackered' so the colour will just have to wait.


mrana said...

Thank you for adding me to your Starposts, I really appreciate it!

I love your recent sketches and designs ... and also the idea of pre-watercoloring a page and then sketching onto it! And your new sketchbooks are yummy :) Cheers, Mariana

Sandy said...

Great sketch, and quite an interesting idea to devote a sketchbook to the Garage!

Unknown said...

I think that anything you do creatively, you will be successful at. I would not be surprised to see shoes in Macy's with Anita by Design on them. :) These are wonderful.