Friday, November 16, 2007

Children In Need

The first page of my brand new Roberson HP sketchbook. I tried a variety of materials; coloured pencil, ink, watercolour, condensed colour washes, watery washes. The watery blue wash in the background was not popular with this 190gsm paper, it buckled immediately, although it did dry much smoother and since closing the book for a while is now almost flat.

The website I made the purchase with no longer have this book available, I purchased the last one, what's more....they do not intend re-stocking. This news is more acceptable to me since using the book, at the cost of around £18 including the postage, it isn't a purchase I feel worthy of it's price.

I have managed to find another HP watercolour sketchbook with 300gsm paper inside and have been trying very hard to resist the temptation of ordering one. I've been very good so far but then it has only been one day, I'm not sure my angelic behaviour could last the week let alone until I've filled some of the other blanks that line my studio bookcase.

All this talk of sketchbooks got me flicking through some of those I have used this year and I have to say I would find the Venezia hard to beat on both value and quality.

Ok, so it isn't filled with smooth HP paper but on hindsight I didn't experience any problems writing in it or using my Lamy fountain pen. It looks fantastic too and comes in 3 sizes. The paper takes watercolour washes and inks really well.

Starting at just £5.25 from Artifolk, it is an absolute bargain.

All of this is making it alot easier to resist ordering the sketchbook I found online today and yet, I still have that niggling thought that if I don't try just one...I'll never know and always wonder.


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Felicity Grace said...

Oh, I have that little Venezia book. It's on my shelf, full of empty pages but now I'm curious, I'm going to have to try it out. Mine is probably the smallest size, I didn't know it came in other sizes. You're right though it was pretty cheap (got it in Green & Stone) for how lovely it is. I got it to keep in my bag for tram sketches but it seemed too good for that!

Go on, order that book! ;)