Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Life Class - Week 9

Inktense pencil on cream paper - 8 mins

I took my small, square Seawhite sketchbook along to life class with me today, I thought it's 6x6 inch size would present some challenges of it's own and it allowed me to fill a few more pages for my challenge.

I started with some lead-free sketches using my Lamy fountain pen and, keen as mustard, I even managed to capture a couple of 10 second sketches of the model in her gown talking with the organiser before she took pose. The remaining ink sketches range between 3-10 minutes.

After our last short pose The organiser set us the challenge of repeating the pose using a different media and creating a sketch without using an outline. I broke open a new tin of Derwent pastels for this challenge and really enjoyed the process.
Derwent pastels - 20 mins

Lastly, our wonderful model repeated the pose we finished with last week and I worked on my gouache painting, with the acrylic ink background, a little more.
After about 15 mins I lost interest and found myself itching to capture our dancer's beautiful eyes, so I packed up my gouache and grabbed some cream paper and an inktense pencil before moving a chair up close to produce the short sketch at the top of this post.
Week 8 - After 25 mins

Week 9 - After 40 mins total

Will I continue with the gouache painting above?...Probably not. I learned from it but my heart is no longer craving to play with it and unless that emotion changes by next week, I see no point.
I hope to use the pose for something entirely different next week.


caseytoussaint said...

Lovely work, as usual. I can't believe you even actually managed to slip in a sketch before she started posing! I like the fact that she holds the same pose every week for those that want to do more detailed work - what a great opportunity.

Dana S. Whitney said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I'm a big fan of color, so I'm particularly fond of the Derwent one. I can't imagine using watercolor or any wet medium for fast life drawing. Go you!!

Anonymous said...

I like the glimpses of background colour in the flesh of the gouache painting. I find it's a difficult medium to correct and I normally use acrylic so I can layer for ever! x

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou Casey, yes it's a great opportunity with the longer pose, I just wish it appealed to me a little more so I could make more use of it.
I think it may help if I chnge my position in the room next session and maybe take a canvas along!
We have 3 sessions left, so I have approx 1.5 hours to create something I can get excited about!

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou KPW. I was rather pleased with Derwent one, sometimes being pushed out of your safety zone can produce surprises!

Anita Davies said...

Thanx Jess. Yes, acrylic certainly has it's benefits!

phthaloblu said...

Great work, as usual!