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Monday, February 12, 2007

GladRagz - 'Jessica'

I recently welcomed another new addition to my studio...Acrylic Inks...and what a wonderfully fun addition they turned out to be. The colours are bold and bright making them the perfect medium for my latest piece in the GladRagz series, 'Jessica'.

'Jessica' is named after the beautiful, curvaceous character 'Jessica Rabbit' from the ©Disney film 'Who framed Roger Rabbit' , a cartoon singer at a fictional Los Angeles supper club called 'The Ink and Paint Club'.

This is my first artwork using the acrylic inks. I took some unusual steps creating the background, using a knife to apply the inks straight from their bottles to create the blue-green effect, incorporating Jessica's famous 3/4 length gloves into the piece by using their colouring. The curves on the high stilletoes mimic those of the auburn beauty and the purple shadows are accentuated to create those consistent with use of a spotlight.

GladRagz series - 'Laura'


Linda said...

What a WONDERFUL piece! You've used the brilliance of the acrylic inks to their BEST advantage -- just beautifully done!

Anita said...

Thankyou so much Linda!