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Friday, October 19, 2012

Final Spread

25-09-12 by Anita Davies
25-09-12, a photo by Anita Davies on Flickr.
This is my final spread in the Gerstaecker sketchbook I have been using since May....Yes, May!!! My sketching has not been as regular as it used to be this Summer, partly perhaps due to the fact that we barely had a Summer at all....So much rain this year...and partly because my inspiration has been at an all time low. I have had the urge to sketch daily but felt generally uninspired by my surroundings and found myself in a position with sketchbook open, pen in hand and NOTHING happening on many an occasion.
I feel it was probably part of my healing process, my mind just closing down for a while, taking time to rest maybe?...I don't fully understand but it has not had maximum effect due to the fact that I fought it ALOT and drove myself crazy! What can I say...I'm a fighter!
I have never had problems with inspiration before and was scared I would never sketch anything again!!!
I think it's lifting now - Thank God!

I managed to journal my break in spain, new surroundings helped to inspire. Unfortunately, I have had this flu bug thing since my return so I've not been up to much at all but I hope to start scanning this weekend.
I also have the added excitement of facing the rest of October with a new journal, now this one is finally complete, and I've chosen a Stillman & Birn Alpha. I did a couple of spreads in it before leaving for Spain and really enjoyed the paper, so I am looking forward to pushing on with that.

The Gerstaecker has been a fabulous journal to work with for the money (approx £1) but I am so very pleased to have finished it, it has taken so long and marks a period in my sketching that has been agonising at times.

So, [raising cough mixture bottle into the air] ...Here's to Winter 2012, Stillman & Birn and oodles of inspiration!!!

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