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Saturday, January 08, 2011


Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

Noodlers Bullet Proof Black ink and watercolour in daily journal.

It all looks so bare when the Christmas decorations come down when only the brightly coloured wrappings of the various chocolates are left to remind us of the festivities.


Joan said...

Lovely sketch of a comfy spot. I agree about the decorations coming down. That's why I leave mine up for as long as possible.

Rita A. said...

I love your sketches!!

Marva said...

Oh I love this!!! It's such fun to pop in and look through your sketches!

Anita Davies said...

Jon I always panic because there are only a few days after Christmas until it becomes unlucky to leave them up...A total superstition but one I have never felt much like challenging! LOL!

Thank you so much Rita.

Thank you Marva!