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Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend In Coltishall - Day One

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

All packed and ready to go, I set off to Joannies house in Coltishall, Norwich early on Friday afternoon. I packed light, taking just the boots I had on my feet...a decision a shoe lover like me agonised over for some time.
It hadn't occured to me to take something waterproof for the quick visit to freshen the flowers on my Mums grave on the way, the grass was soaking and before long it had ventured into my boots and even my socks were saturated!
So, I stopped off in town, purchased some shoes for my weekend and changed right there in the shop ...they are so comfortable!


Margaret Ann said...

Sweet little shoes...have a great visit with Joannie.

BTW...I just love your Italy trip countdown...:)

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Margaret :)