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Friday, October 15, 2010

Off For The Weekend

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

I'm off for the weekend!
I'm visiting my good friend Joannie in the Norfolk Broads for a few days and we are heading into Norwich on Saturday for the 29th Worldwide SketchCrawl together. The Cathedral is the top of our list, I've never been before so I am looking forward to it.
Here are the bags I'll be taking
Left: My Italian trip sketch bag - I thought Saturday would be the perfect chance to try it out, make sure everything I need, I have etc.. Living in the Fens means I have heaps of space between sketching spots, not very many people to contend with and the ability to park up almost anywhere I wish. I guess you could say it's a sketchers dream. So practice in a city will be a perfect warm up for all those busy Italian spots we have on our tour next year.
Middle: My clothes and toiletries holdall...Yes, I plan to dress. While I agree naked sketching could be quite liberating, I think I would feel more than a little vulnerable doing it.
Right: Current sketchbooks to show Joannie, Italian DVD, Wine and other goodies. It's a handmade patchwork bag purchased for me at a country show. I wish I'd had time to colour it but gallery work and house chores have taken up my day today, so I had to be quick! I will sketch it again some day in all it's glory!
The decorative paper is just something I had floating around that I thought would enhance the spread.
'See' you when I return. Have a great weekend and, for those of you sketchcrawling on Saturday...Happy sketching...I hope the weather is good to you!


travelingsuep said...

Have a fabulous SketchCrawl. I'm meeting 2 sketchers here in Doha, I wonder how different our sketches will be :D

Love your kit.

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Sue, glad to hear you had a great day!