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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Arthouse Sketchbook Project

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

This is the centre spread for my Arthouse Sketchbook Project.
I wrote the words for my very first blog posting ever and thought they made a nice introduction to where I live, which is the next subject I'll be tackling in this little book.

The dark blue areas on the sides are those little tabs I folded over from the larger pages I made the book with, they lift and open up to reveal the collage I made underneath them. I thought adding the windows to provide a glimpse of the collage while reading would add interest.
I'll post the same spread with the 'doors' open soon as I have scanned it.

Collage is not something I tackle much, I kept it very simple, just something pretty to accent the words I wrote.


Margaret Ann said...

You continue to amaze me...your palette of words are as beautiful and intimate as your lovely illustrations. A splendid spread...!

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Margaret!