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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Italian Trip 2011 Prep

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

I have decided to start a sketchbook for studies and information in preparation for my Italian trip in 2011. I'll be adding notes of interest to me and studying the architecture using Flickr, DVD stills and various books as photographic resources. Things like palette choices, sketch kit, kit bag will also be chewed over along with notes on the trip itinerary (just as soon as a choice has been made between myself and my travel companion, Joan) I have chosen a Jacksons A5 sketchbook made by Seawhite of Brighton for this purpose, in the hope it will prove an adequate journal choice for my actual trip. My reasons for choosing this book to experiment with it that it fits in the bag I have in mind, it has bright white, smooth pages, it fits in my scanner making scanning double spreads easy and the A5 portrait format gives me plenty of room for notes and tall buildings. It is a hardback book so it should take some wear and tear and, although it isn't filled with watercolour paper, it takes washes without crinkling.
I had, of course, considered the Venezia sketchbook for the trip, but it is a little taller than a normal A5 and does not fit in the bag I hope to take...Shame really, I love the Venezia books but if this book doesn't cut the grain, then perhaps I'll buy a different bag!


Michael said...

I love the Seawhite Journals too - I used one on holiday recently. The paper is not as white as the Venezias and a little less in weight but I find them easier to use as they do lie flat! They handle watercolour exceptionally well.

Michael said...

I also like the Boldmere Field Sketch Books. I picked up one from The Works in Huntingdon and liked it so much I bought a couple more from their shop in Peterborough. They're about 10.5 x 8.5 in - a bit less than A4 - and have a nice grain for watercolours if you like that sort of effect. At only £2.99 they're a bargain if only for practicing in! I'm beginning to warm to spiral bound now - I know I shouldn't tear out the failures but I do!
Bah, too many sketchbooks, not enough free time ;)

Anita Davies said...

My Jacksons is about the same whiteness as my Venezia Michael, alot like the W&N Heavyweight pages which I love....without the perforations though!