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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Francesco and Michelangelo

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

I ordered 'Francesco's Italy-Top to Toe' on DVD and it arrived on the 22nd September. It's a wonderful 4 part series with each series lasting a full hour. Francesco drives from one end of Italy to the other in his cool little red sports car visiting many of the galleries and revealing tid bits of history. A great DVD to pause and sketch from.
My history is terrible, my geography even worse and my memory is bordering senile, so this DVD is proving most interesting. LOL!

The agent from Newmarket Travel has proved very vague with information to help me with my plans to visit the Sistine Chapel while on their Tuscany tour and it is VITAL to me that I get to see this magnificent ceiling during my has been my wish for a long time. So, I started looking at other tours with other companies with Joans approval, of course. Hoping we can fulfil both our aims with a little more security than 'You should be able to fit it in and get tickets on the day'

Noodlers Lexington Gray ink and watercolour

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Michael said...

Hi Anita, try Sunvil. I've just booked a trip to the Azores with them - half price deal too :) The free guidebook they sent is better than anything you can get in the shops. Hopefully the trip will be as impressive! They also arrange tailor-made trips.

... fab sketches by the way!