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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Prizes and Presents.

On Thursday I visited the WI Open Gardens in my village, Doddington. I had company so didn't manage any sketches while viewing but won a book on mushrooms in the tomobola which I used later that night as a reference for the sketches.
I also attended Ellie's second birthday party and later sketched her eating her cake from a photo I had taken earlier that evening.

Sketchbook note of interest:
The Hahnemuhle D&S sketchbook does not like too much water, when sketching plein air, as I usually do, it doesn't cause a problem because the sun dries out the layers quickly but when working in the studio I found it very quickly started to turn to mulch with quite small applications of water.


Ginny Stiles said...

Anita...I adore your blog and have it book marked to check often. I too am a watercolor sketcher (also inks and graphite). But I also enjoy doing full watercolors and am trying my hand at some acrylics and collage and batik as you will see if you visit my blog I have been to England 3 times and my sister lived in Stratford for 5 years while her husband was working nearby. I have dear friends in Western England in Sharpness and they have been to visit us in the US as well. I love how you print in your journals...something I have not worked on but would like to. Tell me more about what you do with your journals when they are finished.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Delightful study of Ellie and good prize to have mushroom book available as references. Thanks for tips about how the new sketchbook handles.
Shall be interested to hear what you say in response to Ginny's query . I have always said you must take your wonderful sketchbooks to be printed for all the world to enjoy.
Sorry you missed out on the rather large portions of pimms!!