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Friday, July 03, 2009

A Morning At Jills

I was invited to spend the morning with some of the March art group in Jills garden where we sketched and indulged in Jill's homebaking.
I started my new journal while I was there and have to say how nice it felt to have a little more room in the larger book.

I had a lovely time...Thanks for making us all so welcome Jill!


Margaret Ann said...

How delightful to have a group to get together with like this...and what a wonderful place to get together! :)

Liz Steel said...

great spread - how are those journals going? What kind of paper is in them?
A5 vertical is the best size for a journal- I love using the Daler Rowney cartridge ones ...but looking for a watercolour paper journal that size.

Ana said...

Sounds like an enjoyable day. How pretty your sketches are. I love the delicacy and realness of them. Homebaking is always so pleasurable and the loveliest food.

amanda said...

beautiful sketches.

Chad Wallace said...

The drawing on the left is beautiful.