Monday, November 10, 2008

Midnight Snacking

The Cambs Times ran a great feature on the completion of my 'Close to Home' project on Friday providing a fabulous platform for the upcoming Dickensian Market on Saturday, in Benwick, where I will be exhibiting the works I created.

My Midnight snack was purchased from the school cake stall and was not only delicious but also provided me with a subject for a late night itch to sketch!


Mrs Mac said...

Nov 8th was my birthday so I very much like the fact that you have cake on this!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Glad the Cambs Times came up trumps with good space for advertising your Close to Home. Well done. I read your wonderful Breakfast Interview and commented. I told you you'll soon be a celebrity with people battering down your door to commission work and meet this wonderful talented local girl. Good luck with sales of the book. Laura thought it was very professional.

Indigo Roo said...

I'm impressed that it made it to late night without being eaten! I really like the color choices for this sketch. Draws my eye.

... and congratulations on the feature in Cambs Times. woohoo!

Dianne said...

Love the sketch, love how the red cherry just pops out at ya. Congrats on the feature in the Camb.
I tried to find it but no luck..
You do fantaastic with the book.