Friday, November 07, 2008

Learning Zone

This spread started with a sketch of one of my students during my adult art class , closely followed by a sketch of the delicious courgette cake baked by another of my students. I had never heard of courgette cake before but, after two slices, I can assure you it was scrumptious. It had a kick of lemon running through it and was very moist.

Later that evening I watched the first of a three part series BBC4 are running entitled 'Picture Book' based on illustrators and authors. This first programme focused on the under fives and since I started working on a children's book idea myself...slowly...over a year ago, I found it most interesting and very educational.
I took a few notes!

*A few weeks back I was approached by Miranda of Creative Construction to be featured as a Breakfast interview, you can learn more about me from my responses HERE.
Thanks Miranda!


E-J said...

That courgette cake looks scrummy ... the texture of cake isn't easy to depict in a sketch but you've done it well!

I really enjoyed the programme about picture books, and found myself getting a bit emotional about some of it, given that M and I are enjoying some of these books together, and have been (since before she was born, in the case of "Bear Hunt"!!) The insights into the illustrators' way of gathering inspiration and material were fascinating.

Miranda said...

Thank you for being so generous with your time, Anita--it was a pleasure getting to know you, just a little bit!


Margaret Ann said...

Just read the was smashing! Well done Anita! :)

Sylvia Jenstad said...

had to stop... love your style... your colours... everything... very cool

Anonymous said...

loved the interview im bursting with pride but then i always have been what ever you do world famous daughter sounds good ha ha love mum xxx

Timaree said...

Very nice pages. I went and looked at your interview. I like your studio. I thought about something outside but figured I'd not want to go out there and I see that's likely to be the case. I saw the view of meadow or fields past the window in your studio. You do live out in the wilds. I love having the space of the wilds but wish I didn't live so far from town. Your space is sooo much greener than my desert space.