Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dickensian Day

The Dickensian Market took place today and, for it's premiere year, was a suitable success. Benwick is a very small village in the Fens that receives no through traffic and so the success of the market relied totally upon promotion and local support.
My own stand experienced a very busy time between the opening at 12 until around 1.30 and proved to be the most successful art event I have participated in since my solo at March Town Hall several years ago.
To my delight there was an interest in some of the works that were not part of my 'Close to Home' project that produced some sales and commission works.
Some homes were purchased by their respective owners and I even sold a few books, clearing me out of the stock I pre-ordered before the event.
I met some wonderful people who seemed to have been following my 'progress' in the local papers quite closely, which was most flattering.

Although I left with more of my house sketches than I would have liked to, I realise that the cold, windy day may have been somewhat of a deterrent and remain hopeful that the personal letters I posted to each home owner on Friday will create interest in the following few days.
One always has hope right?
In an area proven as 'difficult' for artists, I feel I had a positive day all around and enjoyed the Dickensian feel of the day very much. I look forward to this becoming an annual event, growing and drawing the local villagers ever closer.


Kim said...

Anita- It sounds as though your day was productive. I'm sure that more of the homeowners will come through... Good for you for doing the work of marketing your art. You are an inspiration. ~ Kim

Timaree said...

Good for you. You were downsized from the paper but look how you are moving forward. Your paintings are great and I wouldn't doubt you'll get orders from people who see the pictures hanging in the owner's houses.

Judybec said...

Congratulations Anita! Sounds like you had a good experience. Outdoor art shows can be tricky especially with unexpected weather. I'm sure you'll get more commissions because of it!

Dianne said...

Well congrats my dear, I think you did great at the market, your fame will spread, you already are a sucsess in my books, your sketches awe and inspire us every day. I still trying to get one of the close to home books, but with only paypal its no so easy...

Serena Lewis said...

CONGRATULATIONS, ANITA! I'm so glad that things went well for you and you came away feeling quite positive. :)